Our story

Coffee holds the status of one of the most popular drinks worldwide. Global consumption is steadily rising, meaning that coffee grounds are too. So, where do these end up? Is it possible to save them from going to waste, to find a sustainable way to recycle them?

The idea behind Kaffeeform was developed in 2009 by Julian Nachtigall-Lechner, fuelled by the intention to create a sustainable material that aims to take advantage of coffee grounds, a waste material readily available, to become an alternative to plastics.

After three years of experimentation and investigation, he finally had it – a unique formula to upcycle old coffee into new, beautifully designed products. Our iconic Kaffeeform Cups were born.

Surprisingly unique material compositions.

We divert old coffee and beechwood scraps from landfills and upcycle them into our signature material compositions — which we then transform into durable, robust, and sustainable designs for everyday use.

What else goes into our products? Renewable, plant-derived materials and bio-based polymers, so they have similar properties of robust, resistant plastic – functionality and durability, minus the nasty petroleum-based ingredients and their impact on our health and our planet.

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Local. Ethical. Community-driven.

Kaffeeform was founded in 2015 in Berlin. All our products are designed in the German capital and Made in Germany – no compromise on that.

We choose short, eco-friendly modes of transportation as a way to foster local and independent structures. The coffee grounds get collected in selected cafés in Berlin by a local bicycle courier company. Also, we collaborate with a sheltered workshop for people with disabilities and couldn’t think of a better partner to support us with our production process.

Kaffeeform wouldn’t be Kaffeeform, if we didn’t give back to our community.

Circularity as a new way of thinking: design & sustainability

At Kaffeeform we advocate for a circular economy. Due to the rising consumption of coffee around the world, the amount of coffee grounds that go to waste is also growing exponentially. This is where we come in: we save waste materials from landing into the trash and give them a second life. Our innovative Kaffeeform material is incredibly robust, durable, and light. It truly makes for the perfect coffee Cup. Here you go: the coffee cycle is complete.

We strongly believe that design and aesthetics do go hand in hand with sustainability. Plus, this powerful combo can help us conserve our natural resources whilst reducing our environmental footprint. Our award-winning Weducer Cups are the perfect demonstration of how form and function can pave the way for a more conscious way of living.

Unwaste and reshape

Our to-go cups are just the beginning. For the greatest possible impact, we want to establish further sustainable, well-designed everyday companions in other product categories in the future. The kickoff is the Coffee Watch – the first watch in the world with a case made from our Innovative Coffee Material with recycled coffee grounds.

Unwaste & Reshape is not just a term for us, but a way of life.

Are you in as well?