The Weducer Cup is a versatile reusable travel mug. The cup is extremely lightweight yet very durable.
Hot drinks stay pleasantly warm for up to 1:30 hours, thanks to the cup’s double outer shell. A second, fully sealable lid expands the functionality for carrying in a backpack or bag.

Capacity: 250 ml/8,5 oz or 350 ml/12 oz Dimensions: 12 x 9 cm or 9 x 15,5 cm Weight: 115 g or 135 g

From 18,90 

Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: 2-3 working days in Germany & 6 -12 working days overseas
Price reduction on bulk purchases during check-out:
-5% from 2 pieces / -10% from 4 pieces / -15% from 6 pieces

Our best-seller for on the go reinvents itself!

The brand-new premium version of our beloved Weducer Cup embodies our commitment to innovation in the realms of product design and next-gen material compositions.

At Kaffeeform, we upcycle resources destined for the trash – coffee grounds from Berlin-based cafés and roasteries, beechwood fibers from Southern Germany, and other renewable resources. The only binding agents are plant-based polymers – no nasty petroleum-based plastics here!

Exceptionally durable and robust, but still very light, so you and your Weducer Cup Refined can be inseparable for a very long time. The grippy matte exterior is pleasant to hold, and the subtle, natural aroma makes it the perfect companion for hot and cold beverages – chai, smoothies, coffee, juice... whatever floats your boat.

Designed in Berlin, Made in Germany – produced locally and ethically with the environment in mind.

The new dream team: recycled coffee grounds & recycled wood

Our innovative material is made with used coffee grounds and other renewable resources. Thanks to its unique properties, Kaffeeform products are exceptionally durable and robust, but still very light.

Coffee was just the beginning - In our new composition we work with recycled wood fibers and biopolymers. For this we use leftovers from wood processing companies in southern Germany.

What are biopolymers and how does Kaffeeform use them?

A biopolymer is a polymer of natural origin and can include diverse natural materials . Biopolymers are like a glue made from nature -  the biopolymer is coating the material components coffee grounds, wood chips and fibers and creates a solid compound. They provide the necessary stability and durability for our cups in everyday use.

Do it right, twist it tight

Unlike with classical to-go cups the lid of the Weducer Cup Refined is screwed on instead of pushed on. We recommend turning the lid slightly to the left (counterclockwise) until it clicks into place and only then to the right (clockwise) and tighten it firmly.

By the way: you can order the Weducer Cap which fully closes the Weducer Cup, turning it into a versatile companion to contain your favorite coffee, drinks or snacks on the go.

Local and social: the production process of our material with recycled coffee grounds

Short delivery routes and use of local potential are very important to us. Our Material and products are entirely manufactured in Germany. This is the production process of our coffee material.

  1. step: A bicycle collective collects the coffee grounds from Berlin cafés.

  2. step: the coffee grounds are dried in a social workshop in Berlin.

  3. step: The dried coffee grounds are processed into products together with other plant-based polymers at our production site in Germany.

  4. step: Our products are shipped from a social workshop in Berlin.

  5. step: Our product is ready for you to use for years.

    The coffee cycle is complete.

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