Bye Bye disposable packaging, Hello Weducer Cups

Both of our material compositions are made from renewable raw materials and are free of petroleum-based binders. Unlike most bamboo cups, they contain neither questionable melamine resins nor formaldehydes or other plasticizers.

Our game-changing material composition consists of coffee grounds and biopolymers. These products are made with our coffee material: the Weducer Cup Refined and the Coffee Watch

Local and social: the production process of our material with recycled coffee grounds

Short delivery routes and use of local potential are very important to us. Our Material and products are entirely manufactured in Germany. This is the production process of our coffee material.

  1. step: A bicycle collective collects the coffee grounds from Berlin cafés.

  2. step: the coffee grounds are dried in a social workshop in Berlin.

  3. step: The dried coffee grounds are processed into products together with other plant-based polymers at our production site in Germany.

  4. step: Our products are shipped from a social workshop in Berlin.

  5. step: Our product is ready for you to use for years.

    The coffee cycle is complete.

Coffee was just the beginning

After recycling tons and tons of old coffee, we decided to divert another renewable waste product – beechwood fibers from Southern Germany – from landfills to craft another innovative material composition. Just like our Coffee Material, it’s made with renewable, plant-based polymers only – no toxic petroleum-based plastics!

Versatile and individual: our “caffein-free” material containing recycled wood fibers has no coffee aroma, but a subtle, natural wood-y scent, making it more neutral. Another plus: it can be dyed (with pigments that are food-safe) for even more variation and diversity.

Essential features we’re so proud of remain as they are: A robust, durable but lightweight material that is produced locally and ethically from a recycled waste product and natural, plant-based components. Designed in Berlin, made in Germany.

These products are made with our wood material: the Weducer Cup Refined, the Weducer Cup Essential and the Weducer Cap

Kaffeeform material FAQ

Are Kaffeeform products health safe?

The safety of our products is of course our top priority. All our products get regularly tested in independent laboratories and comply with the strict standards of the EU Food Regulation.

Can Kaffeeform cups go in the dishwasher?

The cups are designed for long-term use, so that they can bring many years of happiness. They can be washed regularly in a dishwasher and can survive some falls onto hard surfaces. 

Are Kaffeeform products compostable?

Since the material has been developed for permanent use, it cannot simply break down in the compost. When disposed in the domestic waste, our products are burned within Europe (thermal disposal). The amount of CO2 released during this process corresponds to the amount that is bound during the growth of the plant.

We are working on a recirculation system so that our products don’t have to be disposed but can be recycled and used for new products instead.

You will find further information in our FAQs.