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Kaffeeform is a sustainable material made from used coffee grounds and other renewable resources. As a coffee cup, it is given the perfect new life. The product range includes Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte cups as well as the award-winning Weducer™ Cup for coffee on the go. All cups are exceptionally durable, light, and have a mild coffee scent.

The Kaffeeform Idea

Kaffeeform Products

Weducer™ Cup

300 ml

Espresso Cup

60 ml

cappuccino Cup

190 ml

Milchkaffee Cup

290 ml

The Story

The vision of reusing used coffee grounds gave rise to an innovative material in the form of coffee cups and reusable cups. At Kaffeeform, sustainability and resource conservation go hand in hand with design and presentation, thereby easing their way into everyday life. The new company wants to inspire and encourage consumers to make more informed purchasing choices and to rethink consumption. The reusable cup made from coffee grounds may be considered a first step towards zero waste and a plastic-free future.

In Berlin, Kaffeeform relies on short, green routes alongside local, social partners and production in Germany. It promotes the principles of the circular economy and reuse of raw materials. This means that a durable, sturdy material can be produced from supposed waste and renewable raw materials to then become coffee cups. And so the coffee cycle closes in a beautifully sustainable fashion.