Our Mission

Kaffeeform wants to reshape consumer habits. To offer options and inspire people to integrate sustainability into their everyday lives and make conscious consumer decisions. To promote reusing products and raw materials; better to opt for multi-use than throwaway products, because every decision has consequences. Kaffeeform products are durable, loyal companions.

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A circular way of thinking

Kaffeeform promotes the principle of a circular economy. The rising consumption of coffee around the world is producing a growing amount of coffee grounds, most of which goes straight into the bin. This is where Kaffeeform comes in: it reuses otherwise wasted resources as a raw material. The innovative material resulting from this is exceptionally durable. It finds its perfect second life as a coffee cup. The coffee cycle is complete.

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Local. Social. Fair.

Kaffeeform was founded in 2015 in Berlin. All products are designed in Berlin and produced in Germany. Kaffeeform opts for short, environmentally friendly transport to strengthen local and independent structures. The coffee grounds are transported by a bicycle courier collective, and the close collaboration with a social workshop forms a fixed component of our production process. This allows Kaffeeform to give back to the community in Berlin.

Person mit schwarzer Bluse hält Kaffeeform Cappuccino Cup mit Untertasse
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Design & Sustainability

Kaffeeform combines design and aesthetics with sustainability and conservation of resources. Particularly the award-winning Weducer™ cup shows how form and function can pave the way for sustainability in everyday life.

Sustainability and recycling as a lifestyle. This is what Kaffeeform’s young team has dedicated itself to, because many little steps can have a big impact. .

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