Our story

The idea behind Kaffeeform was developed in 2009, fuelled by the intention to create a sustainable material that aims to take advantage of coffee grounds, a waste material readily available, to become an alternative to plastics.

In 2015, after five years of experimentation and investigation, we finally had it – a unique formula to upcycle old coffee into new, beautifully designed products. Our iconic Kaffeeform Cups were born.

And here we are now – upcycling other wasted resources and expanding our range beyond coffee cups.

Committed to local and ethical production, we unwaste and reshape with the environment in mind.

Surprisingly unique material compositions.

We divert used coffee grounds and recycled beechwood scraps and upcycle them into our signature material compositions — which we then transform into durable, robust, and sustainable designs for everyday use.

What else goes into our products? Renewable, plant-derived materials and bio-based polymers, so they have similar properties of robust, resistant plastic – functionality and durability, minus the nasty petroleum-based ingredients and their impact on our health and our planet.

Our ecological footprint is small, yet our vision is big. And we’re just getting started.