Retailer Info: our product range is changing

In a nutshell: On current challenges, why change is essential, our evolving product range, sneak peeking at our new Weducer Cup and beyond.
How are we doing, a year into the pandemic? Of course, consequences and concerns of COVID-19 hit us just as hard as our customers and partners. But we also learned a lot: that a small, independent company like Kaffeeform is flexible enough to quickly react to new circumstances; and particularly in times like these, characterized by such major swifts and changes, it’s important not to stand still and cling to rigid patterns. Rather, one shall stay flexible, regroup and reorganize, open up to new opportunities and move forward with intention. Kaffeeform is a pioneer! We started out in 2015 with an innovative material made of recycled coffee grounds and plant-based polymers – a true alternative to single-use plastic products, our Kaffeeform Cups are produced socially and locally in Germany, with the environment in mind. We pour our whole heart and soul, a great dose of courage, and forward-thinking in everything we do. Unfortunately, however, an innovative approach doesn’t always receive recognition from the get-go, and in spite of many years of dedicated work we’re being increasingly impeded by obstacles of bureaucratic nature.
It‘s important for us to look ahead. We certainly do not want to waste our energy tilting at windmills. Rather, we want to use this same energy to propel our strong ideas and vision into the future.
At Kaffeeform we strongly believe in our innovative approach and material composition. We’ve spent long days – and nights – improving our unique formula and researching new ways to emphasize its unique properties: exceptionally durable, robust, unbreakable, very light, and with a mild coffee aroma.
Change is important, and change takes courage. And sometimes assertive, radical decisions are unavoidable: the Kaffeeform product range as you know it is going to change.
Our classic Kaffeeform Cups and our beloved Weducer Cup in its current shape won’t be available anymore in the medium-term. They served as the perfect symbol to introduce our innovative Kaffeeform material. They’ve been carrying the history of Kaffeeform into the world and accompanied countless, unforgettable coffee moments – and since they are so long-lasting, they will continue to do so for a long, long time.
Now, the good news, finally –– don’t be sad, change is good!
The Weducer Cup is our hero. It’s a powerful fusion of our values and it showcases the many positive qualities of the Kaffeeform material in an almost perfect way. Of course, it will stay with us – and you – in the future, and its great design will become even better. A little teaser: there will be colors! And it will be a little bigger! Its new inner layer makes it suitable for more drinks – because we do love coffee, but tea (and juice, kombucha, you name it) is just as good, my dear. And on top of recycling coffee grounds, we want to give a second life to another precious resource that currently goes to waste in the South of Germany. We’re planning on launching our brand-new Kaffeeform Weducer Cup 2.0 at the end of July 2021. And of course, you’ll be able to customize it with your logo.
But that’s not it. After 5 years, it’s about time for some more change: we’re looking ahead, ready to expand to new horizons, beyond the kitchen so to speak. Then our innovative, versatile Kaffeeform material cannot wait to meet new shapes and transform into more beautifully-designed, durable everyday objects. Stay tuned!
Last but not least, there’s something we really care about telling you. Kaffeeform is changing, yet our values and mission don’t. We unwaste and reshape: we recycle waste materials and give them a new shape. Responsibly and driven by a strong social approach. And rigorously Made in Germany, of course.  
Needless to say, we’ll get back in touch with further information just as soon as possible. We very much look forward to starting this new adventure with you.
Warm wishes, Julian and the Kaffeeform team