In our digital and fast-moving times one trend follows another. Products are rapidly produced and disposed of again as a better follow-up is on the market already. But is that really what we want? Or might timeless design be better and more successful in the long run? 

Form follows Function

Design is giving a product its shape, its form. Good design (after Dieter Rams and Naoto Fukasawa) is decent, innovative and stripped down to the bare essentials. No decorative elements or frills that tarnishes its utility. Functionality is the main goal and to merge form and function is more important than trends and style. Nothing is arbitrary or random – everything is clear and intelligible.

Good things take time 

Time is essential for good design. Throughout the whole design and development process and beyond. Customer feedback and experiences can be considered and incorporated in the final product. Mostly, high-quality and long-lasting materials are being used. Maybe a product can be repaired or expanded over the course of time. Timeless design always outlives temporal change. And when succeeding generations refer to a design, accept and buy it almost unchanged, when it became a part of an collective aesthetic consciousness, you speak of timeless design.

Timeless design is sustainable and long-lasting

In times of a constant overflow with things, topics and information many of us pine for minimalism, for simplicity and order. They want to break the cycle of consumption as they are exhausted from an fast and permanent shopping pressure. And environmental topics get more and more important. 

What does timeless design have to do with it? First, it is visually calming and relaxing. And if you rely on timeless and long-lasting products you have to make less, often exhausting purchase decisions. Less cheap products that are poorly produced just for a short hype time flood our markets and landfills. So what is timeless and lasts for a long time makes us happier, it protects our resources and reduces waste.

Great, huh?

Hand hält Kaffeeform Weducer Cup vor einem weißem Hintergrund
Hand hält Kaffeeform Espresso Cup vor einem weißem Hintergrund

Kaffeeform embraces recycling and protection of our resources. Our cups are made from an innovative material based on recycled coffee grounds and other renewable resources. Yet their design is inspired by classic coffee cups and take-away-cups. Timeless and made-to-last.

The notably combination of design and promising material innovation was commended the red dot Design Award 2018, and Kaffeeform cups are exhibited in design museums as the Design Museum London and the Viktoria & Albert Museum London

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