• I would like to sell Kaffeeform products in my own retail store. How do I become a partner?

    We are always looking for suitable partners and retailers. You can apply to become a business partner here. After a positive check, you will become an authorized Kaffeeform partner and can place your orders directly in our B2B area.

  • Can I print the logo of my coffee shop, shop or company on the Weducer Cup?

    We offer business clients personalised editions as ideal gifts for customers, employees or partners. Further information and branding can be requested directly here.

  • I would like to purchase Kaffeeform products as a promotional gift.

    We offer our business customers personalised editions as ideal gifts for customers, employees or partners. Further information and branding can be requested directly here.

  • Is it possible to get a sample of your products?

    As authorised Kaffeeform partner you can order samples directly in your Business Account. Apply or register here.

  • It there a minimum order quantity?

    Our MOQ for regular product is 20 pieces / product, and 100 pieces for branded editions. See our conditions for business partners here

  • What are the shipping costs?

    The shipping costs for our business partnerns are staggered by weight and destination country and depend on the order size. We offer free shipping from a net goods value of 360 € (Germany) / 530 € (Europe – country group ).

  • How much does a personalised edition cost? How long does it take to produce?

    We are happy to provide more information on branded products based on your inquiry.

  • I already sell Kaffeeform products. How can I more?

    Products can also be reordered directly in the B2B area. Apply or register here.

  • I am already selling Kaffeeform products. How do I point this out to my customers?

    Advertising materials such as postcards, brochures or information sheets are available soon in the online Business account. 

  • Are there recommended retail prices?

    We recommend the prices in our webshop as RRP for end customers.

  • Are sales tied to usage in a cafe?

    Our Kaffeeform products can be sold in cafes even if they’re not used as cafe crockery or cutlery.

  • Must the entire Kaffeeform range be offered for sale?

    No, you are free to select the products you want to offer for sale.

  • Can I use Kaffeeform cups in my cafe or restaurant?

    Kaffeeform products are initially intended for home use and tailored to the needs of end consumers. Our cups are also available for use in cafes and restaurants. They are dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant. We would like to point out that Kaffeeform cups are a natural product and can easily fade or roughen on the surface under high-intensity usage in catering after 1-2 years. However, this does not compromise functionality, safety or consumer enjoyment.

  • Does Kaffeeform also supply to business partners outside Europe?

    Unfortunately, we are currently unable to sell to, liaise or form partnerships with companies outside the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

  • I'd love to be included in your Store Locator.

    Authorised Kaffeeform Partners will automatically added to our Store Locator. If your café or shop is still missing please drop us a short message at wholesale(at)kaffeeform.com and we’ll take care of it. 

  • I have an idea about how to use coffee grounds and am interested in cooperating in a joint project.

    At the moment we are concentrating on expanding
    Kaffeeform and have many exciting products and projects in the pipeline. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to respond to individual suggestions and business ideas.

  • Is it possible to get coffee form cups from the coffee grounds produced by your own company? // We like to supply you with our company’s very own coffee grounds.

    We use short, green ways to minimise the ecological footprint of our production. That’s why we liaise with selected cafes and partners in Berlin and transport the coffee grounds with a bicycle fleet directly to production facilities. The coffee grounds that we use meet our strict standards for supreme quality alongside transparent origin and production. We currently do not need extra coffee grounds originating from elsewhere for our production.

  • Reduced VAT for retailers in Germany

    Due to COVID-19 a reduced VAT of 16% is in effect in Germany from 1 July to 31 December 2020 due to COVID-19. We will pass along the savings to our retailers! The reduced VAT will automatically be applied on all orders through our B2B shop and declared on the invoice. 

  • Do you have product images we can use?

    Of course! You can download high res product and lifestyle images, product descriptions and further information about our material and us in your personal business account. Feel free to use our content for your online shop or marketing purposes, please credit Kaffeeform. Here is a download shortlink.

  • Can I sell your products in my online shop?

    Of course. But please only in your own web shop or eCommerce, and only to private customers in the European Economic Area, plus Switzerland and United Kingdom. Resale through other external platforms (as Amazon, eBay) is strictly prohibited.Please see our RRP for a fair pricing structure, and name Kaffeeform in all communications and product descriptions. Thanks!