As sustainability becomes more and more important, many people want to do live a different, good, right life. And there are a few that want to make it better, best. But do we really need a competition when it comes to a sustainable lifestyle? And is this really a matter of all in or nothing? A personal approach.

We buy our groceries on farmers markets, regional, seasonal and plastic free. We take the bike and the train, are vegetarian or vegan. We use green electricity and buy clothes second hand or from sustainable, fair brands. We support small and social business. We make an effort and want to inspire others around us.

Yet sometimes we get the feeling that we are not doing enough. We question our own actions and if we actually can make a difference. Put us under a lot of pressure. And sometimes I get the impression that especially among like-minded people, in this social and sustainable environment, it becomes a competition who is doing it best. And often the fingers are wagged and pointed at alleged flaws and shortcomings. As a result an already bad conscience grows. As there are always others that produce less waste, live more vegan or have a better ecological footprint. That do it ‘better’. It leaves us frustrated, disheartened, and with a feeling of not being good enough. 

Kaffeeform Weducer Cup mit Gebäck auf einem Holztisch

We are all humans. And humans make mistakes. Sometimes unwittingly, and sometimes fully conscious.

We do know very well that it’s not good to book that long distance flight. We do know how bad single use cups and plastic and packaging and driving cars and eating meat are. Yet sometimes we make exceptions, deliberately or because we have to, because there is no other way to do it just right now. Sometimes we do things that are ‘wrong’. And you know what? It’s ok. We are ok. As nobody on this planet is perfect all the time.

It’ shouldn’t become a matter of ‘all or nothing’. Of being best. Shouldn’t it be more about acting in concert, about changing this world for a better, together, little by little? About doing what is possible, as best as you can just right now? About intention, and being allowed to start somewhere. Isn’t it about time we stop shaming and start supporting? About being positive, acknowledging and encouraging? As every single person that starts to make a change or to do things differently is making it damn right already.

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