We are living in stormy waters currently and need to face new challenges every day. The health of our friends and family, our clients and partners and of our whole team is what matters most right now. So we all work from home. How are we coping with that situation? How do we live, and work? Come in and see for yourself! 


I’m Franzi. At Kaffeeform I am in charge of all B2B related things, so I plan our sales direction and take care of our business clients. Welcome to my home office in Berlin Mitte!


my home

In a terrific flat share with two friends I have known since we studied together. We all have to overcome different obstacles right now, but the feeling of being in the same boat and backing us up is really helpful. So is our projector that we got just in time, luckily.

And we cook, bake, cook, and cook. 

Home Office

Really works well! Admittedly, I look forward to sharing a desk with my team again, but work wise it makes almost no difference.  And I finally can turn up my music loudly to dive into work deeply without bothering anyone!

Coffee time

I am drinking the Kaffeeform Christmas roast from Vote which is still delicious in spring. Preferably brewed with a classic porcelain filter.

Daily being-at-home Pleasures

I’m taking an online art class at the MoMa, and we get our balcony ready for summer. You can also make use of these times and liven up social contacts again – with phone or video call, naturally. Apart from that just take a deep breath and be thankful for that you have, and what you otherwise take for granted.

The perks?

You can make your own working hours even more flexible, and now slot in a quick laundry or a  balcony yoga session in between. I do have the feeling that people are more friendly to each other. Desirably we come out of this crisis as a stronger society!

What I look forward to?

A beautiful summer and taking each day as it comes. That we appreciate the current situation as an important experience. Now it is time for solidarity, namely for everyone and beyond borders.

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