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The Weducer Cup as a customer gift

Find out more about the benefits of the Weducer Cup as a sustainable promotional gift

Kaffeeform Series #1 The idea for Kaffeeform

Learn more about the origins of the initial idea for Kaffeeform and the first attempts...

Five tips: Reuse coffee grounds easily at home

Lern more about how to recycle your coffee grounds at home..

Kaffeeform Home Office Stories: Julian

Next up is Julian, taking us on a tour of his bright rooftop flat and...

Kaffeeform Home Office Stories: Svea

Last but not least Svea opens the door to her Berlin home. Let's go!

Kaffeeform Home Office Stories: Franzi

Ready to see where and how Franzi lives and works right now? Come on in!

Kaffeeform Home Office Stories: Anja

Team Kaffeeform is working from home right now. How are we coping with that situation?...

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